The Inclusive Classroom

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The Inclusive Classroom

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The inclusive classroom contains up to 5 new learning zones, providing all students the opportunity to receive intensive training in their zone of proximal development and to serve the learning zones that accommodate student's learning style. While there is work in peace and predictability in the class.

How can learning in the existing classroom described?
I am through my studies and reflections - reached the following simplification:
The traditional classroom contains no more than three learning zones:
The 1.learning zone: The teacher teaches and is in dialogue with all students.
The 2.learning zone: Eleven immerse themselves in its place - possibly. supported by her partner or by the teacher.
The 3.learning zone: Group.
Apart from knowledge and theoretical / practical experience with how students learn best bookish knowledge and by dialogue with teachers - who have tested my ideas - I have, in collaboration with Thorsø A / S developed a new learning concept and its school furniture. The basic principle is that the students in addition to being taught the three existing learning zones also have the opportunity for intensive education / immersion in up to 5 new learning zones.
What does the new classroom?
The 4.learning zone:

U-table - replacing the old catheter - including the possibility that the teacher can conduct intensive education for all the pupils in their zone of proximal development in both reading, math as other skills. (All students gain from intensive training) By U-table teacher can teach 3-5 students at a time - even the talented students - in their zone of proximal development.

Images from The Inclusive Classroom at Karensminde School, Støvring, Denmark.

The 5.learning zone:
Work in the PCzone allows for visual contemplation and production of two students. Accommodate students with visual learner and students with attention difficulties.

The 6.learning zone:

Work in Listening zone allows for auditory and linguistic immersion for 2 students. As well as the opportunity to be able to concentrate with few external stimuli. Accommodate students with auditory learning style and students with attention difficulties. Listening Zone is a new space in the room. Here is the opportunity for quiet contemplation in both hours and breaks where students also are part of the class.

The 7.learning zone:
Work in Making zone allows for movement, productive learning and creativity for 3-5 students. Accommodate students with stirring and make learning style. Many students learn best by simultaneously using hands, think and explore.

True inclusion:

With a support teacher in the classroom, U-table Make zone pulled out a little and the extra teacher can either support 3-5 students do activities or conduct intensive education with 3-5 students. Thus, up to 10 students at a time receive intensive training in their zone of proximal development inside the classroom!

The 8.learning zone:  The scene

Work in showcasing zone allows for exercise in advancing ahead of others. The fine small stage forms the basis of performance in terms of narrative, presentations, drama and music. All students need to learn how to perform in front of others

The 8.learning zone is not a necessity in the Inclusive Classroom, but in addition create the optimum learning environment for students' all-round development that bridges to the future school.
The Inclusive Classroom - together with accompanying pedagogy - opportunity for successful inclusion, creating an exciting future-oriented learning environment and respects the overall all students' learning styles.
All the new learning zones may be obtained from the school furniture company Thorsø A / S:

mail:    tlf: 86 96 60 75

Download brochure on the Inclusive Classroom, click on the book (in danish):  

More pictures:

Intense training of proximal development zone of 7 students inside the classroom in the 4. and 7.learning zone:


Auditory immersion in 6.learning zone:



The Inclusive Classroom allows for successful inclusion, creating an exciting future-oriented learning environment that meets all students' learning style.